wears a face so brave
it holds up through tremors, subways . . .
At last one dawn it has dropped,
dealt blows by his rich-toned clock.
A stammer, a shrug––red wine.
From his door Will searches the rain.

And for a long while wanders
down an office hall––
by nine heads bowed in a row,
each sunk to his dictating phone.
So the hours mount with mail,
a paper-weighted wall.

Midnight.  Straggling miles
through downtown streets grown quiet,
he teeters back from a glimpse––
bald griffins!––that shadows him
like the jagged line of towers. . . .
Far-off, his cry resounds.

Will fades at a lamp and chair.
Incessant February––
past windows cramped with snow
needling storms unfold.
Yet somehow he works up his arms
to wipe the pane’s wet blur.

by Jeff Grinnell, c2016

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