Suggested Other Films


Bertrand Tavernier’s film about the last days of the French monarchy:

New York Times review of “Let Joy Reign Supreme.”


Oscar-contender based on true story of an Oakland youth:


Haunting Werner Herzog film about Spanish conquistador’s search for a city of gold:


Excellent film about grief–a film which is often very funny:

Utterly funny Cohen Brothers film starring Jeff Bridges:

Delightful TV film starring Claire Danes about autistic woman who becomes a scientist:

Great Stephen Frears’ film about the exploitation of illegal immigrants in Britain, starring Audrey Tautou and  Chiwetel Ejiofor:

The dark side of Downton Abbey?:

Great Chinese gangster film starring the beautiful Gong Li:

Film starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, which satirizes Hollywood:

Another great Gong Li film, this one about the oppression of Chinese women in the royal court:


Film by Patrice Leconte about life at the French court: