21st Century Poets

Physician Rafael Campo reads his poetry:

Natasha Trethewey reads a poem about having a cross burned on her family’s lawn:

Rachel Hadas reads her poem “The Red Hat”:

Thylias Moss reads her poetry:



First Family Portrait


Here is a close-up of the moment after

your body slithered in a sudden rush from mine,

white frog on my chest. Giddy laughter

illuminates the room, release from nine

long hours of labor. Sweaty and sunken-eyed,

I look delighted–a surprise, since at the time

I just felt stunned. Your mouth is open wide,

your father’s face alight; we three a pantomime

of the Nativity–but look how many nameless arms

are twined around this mortal scrap, look how

you landed in this woven limb-nest, caught by luck

in the one safety net the human race can offer,

the net you leapt into at birth, far stronger

than your parents, stumbling numb toward love.


by Catherine Jagoe