Suggested Spiritual & Gospel Musicians

Fisk Jubilee Singers, longtime accapella interpreters of spirituals:


Moses Hogan Chorale, one of the best groups for spirituals:

Paul Robeson, extraordinary bass vocalist:


The great Mahalia Jackson sings Gospel like nobody else:


Great choir from Winston-Salem State University:


Birmingham Sunlights rehearse “Somewhere to Lay My Head”:


John Legend sings and Common raps in this song featured in the film “Selma”:



Bob Dylan performs his “What Can I Do For You?”


Early 20th-century itinerant bluesy gospel singer Blind Willie Johnson:


Another early gospel/blues singer, Washington Phillips:


Mississippi Fred McDowell, another early gospel/blues singer, performs with his wife Annie Mae:


Staple Singers featuring the incomparable Mavis:


Civil Rights classic by Staple Singers:


Leonard Cohen performs his song “Hallelujah”:

Here’s another version:



Bluesman “Georgia” Tom Dorsey became Thomas A. Dorsey, writer of many Gospel classics. Here’s one featuring Marion Williams:

Stanford University choral group:


Deeply soulful singing from rural Mississippi: